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What is easyUp?

easyUp is a native iOS and Android app that enables asynchronous video standups. Every team member uploads - independently of each other - a one-minute video, in which they briefly update the rest of their team on the status of their work.

What are standup meetings?

A standup meeting is a meeting that is conducted while standing. The concept is part of the Scrum/agile methodology. Instead of conducting a long-winded meeting every week for two hours, short daily standup meetings can be much more efficient.

How does a standup meeting look like?

In most cases, three questions are answered by each team member: What did I do yesterday? What am I working on today? What is blocking my progress? Standup meetings are easier to plan, lead to constant interaction and strenghten a team's bond

Why do I need easyUp?

It's not always possible to congregate all team members in a single place each morning. Business trip? Remote workers? Train delayed? Dentist's appointment? This is where asynchronous video standups come into play

Can I modify the time limit?

In order to ensure that updates stay on-point, we've implement a default video time limit of 2 minutes. You can easily change the time limit and decrease or increase it up to a maximum of 5 minutes

Can one employee join multiple teams?

You can organize the app exactly to your organisation's requirements. You can join multiple teams (e.g. the marketing team and another team for all team-leads)